Amal’s Elusive Allegories
February 21, 2019
Amal in newspapers
February 21, 2019


Throughout the different ages, human thought has been greatly concerned with human and social sciences and anthropology which are concerned mainly with the study of human conduct development until it has become what it is now.

Among the factors that have the greatest impact on human conduct is “religion” – as a behavior, belief, thought, and culture including community values, customs, traditions, norms, legislations, trends and modes of interaction within one another in addition to life styles and all other things that had been inherited from ancestors.

All these factors have produced today’s man with his behaviors, character, thought, emotions, personality, mood and ability to adapt with environment with all what it has of material and spiritual components.

Religion is the most significant factor in determining man’s behavior, formulating his thought, aspirations, hopes, ambitions and reaction towards the surrounding world. The religion we mean in this context is that tolerant religion which is far off from fanaticism and bigotry; a religion which incites man to discover the universe around him and seek learning from cradle to grave, as seeking learning is a divine enjoinment. However, while laying one’s all emphasis on living that life, man has to be working on the parallel for the after life in a balanced manner.

When religion enjoins a specific costume on woman, it does not aim at producing a secluded or closed minded woman. It mainly aims at securing her dignity. Religion has given woman the proper status that she deserves, as a mother “Paradise is at mothers’ feet”, wife, housewife and an active member in society, so as to excel in the fields which are compatible with her nature. Besides, woman has been assigned with significant roles as a physician, a teacher, a worker… etc.

The four substances of life, namely water, earth, fire and air have all gathered and interacted to form that creature that has been given the name: ‘woman’.

After she had been submerged and contained in such a world of pitch darkness, she came forth to shatter all shackles and disperse all blackness in order to lead the road she has chosen herself.

She has enkindled fire to illuminate life and to derive the energy that can help her march on. In that pursuit she burnt down all forms of backwardness, defeat, subjugation and servitude.

In confident, deep-rooted and prompt steps she derived her force from the steadfastness, firmness, dignity and loftiness of the palm tree under which she sought shade, and from which she derived the strong will to overcome the hardships of the road. She tamed the sand, carved the rock and went on in dignity and pride.

She strided on towards light, crossed deserts, climbed mountains to reach the top challenging winds and advancing to the sun in firmness and unrelenting will.

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